The African Elephant Fund is working to ensure a secure future for African elephants and their habitats

The African Elephant Fund is working to ensure a secure future for African elephants and their habitats.

Elephants are vital to our ecosystem. Yet the population of elephants is steadily dwindling, by almost 8 per cent every year.   We must step up efforts to manage and protect our biodiversity, including the African elephant.

Erik Solheim, Head United Nations Environment


The Amazing World of Elephants documentary from the AEF project in Ghana entitled: Elephant Conservation Through Law Enforcement And Stakeholder Engagement In Mole National Park And Its Corridors.

Educational Awareness documentary entitled:The Amazing World of Elephants. The d ..

Ethiopia Hosts 5th African Elephant Fund Steering Committee

Friday 11th September 2015 will be the first day of the 5th African Elephant Fund Steering Committee, which will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority has gracefully accepted to host the event.

This meeting will be the occasion to review the status of implementation of current projects, and a chance to evaluate newly submitted proposals for further funding.

This year, the AEF Secretariat received project proposals from all four regions, totaling fourteen (14) proposals to date.

The AEFSC meeting will be a platform for African Elephant Range States to discuss various objectives for member states to increase understanding and consensus on addressing wildlife issues, including the establishment of relevant partnerships with other actors in the field.

Range States will also discuss the UNEA 1 Resolution on the Illegal Trade in Wildlife as well as address ways by which the AEF could increase its visibility and public awareness.

The meeting is scheduled to end on Saturday 12th September.