The African Elephant Fund is working to ensure a secure future for African elephants and their habitats

The African Elephant Fund is working to ensure a secure future for African elephants and their habitats.

Elephants are vital to our ecosystem. Yet the population of elephants is steadily dwindling, by almost 8 per cent every year.   We must step up efforts to manage and protect our biodiversity, including the African elephant.

Erik Solheim, Head United Nations Environment


The Amazing World of Elephants documentary from the AEF project in Ghana entitled: Elephant Conservation Through Law Enforcement And Stakeholder Engagement In Mole National Park And Its Corridors.

Educational Awareness documentary entitled:The Amazing World of Elephants. The d ..

Southern African Region
Angola - Resolution of the Human-Elephant Conflict. (see full project proposal)
Botswana Spatial and Behavioral Analyses of Elephants Roaming Outside Expected Range Using Modern Monitoring Tools. (see full project proposal)

- Extension of an electric fence to reduce HEC. 

- Improving Protection of Elephants and Enforcement of Wildlife Laws in Kasungu National Park. (see full project proposal)

-Combating Illegal Killing of Elephants and Trafficking of Ivory (see full project proposal).

-Mitigation of HEC and Addressing Deforestation and Forest Degradation Through Income Generating Activities with Communities (see full project proposal).

Mozambique  - Elephant Ivory Stockpile Management and Conservation in Mozambique.(see full project proposal)
Namibia  - Aerial Survey of Elephants in the Northwest of Namibia. (see full project proposal)

 - Human-Elephant Conflicts Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Tools in Zambia. (see full project proposal)

-Enhancing Effectiveness of Law Enforcement Monitoring and Analysis systems in Zambia’s Elephant Range Areas. (see full project proposal)

- Strengthening Law Enforcement Capacity to Combat Illegal Killing of Elephants in Zambia. (see full project proposal)


Habitat Use by African Elephants in the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe: An Inquiry into the Effectiveness of Corridors and the Suitability of the Environment to Sustain the Species.(see full project proposal)