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Regional projects


-Updating the African Elephant Database. (In collaboration with International Union for Conservation of Nature and Species Survival Commission (SSC) African Elephant Specialist Group)

-Preparing Technical Inputs for Updating the African Elephant Action Plan (In collaboration with International Union for Conservation of Nature and Species Survival Commission (SSC) African Elephant Specialist Group)


East Africa



- Improving Field Intelligence and Investigation Capacity for Ivory and Other Wildlife Crimes in Ethiopia. | Project proposal |

- Combating the Illegal Killing of Elephants and Regional Trade of Ivory in Southwest Ethiopia.
| Project proposal |

- Law Enforcement Operation, Workshop and Capacity Building in Southern Ethiopia.
| Project proposal |

- Combating Illegal Trade in Elephant Ivory in Ethiopia.


-Building Capacity and Developing Tools for Elephant Censoring and Elephant Mortality Monitoring in Tropical Mountain and Forest Habitats in Kenya.
| Project proposal |

-The Impact of Poaching on Elephants and Threats to Elephants in Tsavo-Mkomazi Ecosystem.

-Amboseli –West Kilimanjaro – Magadi Ecosystem Aerial Mammal Count
| Project proposal |

-Enhancing Prosecution of Elephant Poachers Through Training, Ivory stockpile Genotyping and Construction of African Elephant DNA Library | Project proposal |

-Developing Drought Mitigation Measures for Elephants in Tsavo by Understanding Long-Term Elephant Distribution and Mortality Patterns in Relation to NDVI, Rainfall and Waterholes
| Kenya, Rwanda, South-Sudan,Tanzania, Uganda |

-Enhancing Cooperation in Combating Elephant Poaching and Illegal Ivory Trade In East Africa.
| Project proposal |

- Managing Human-Wildlife Conflict Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in Agro-Pastoral Communities Neighbouring the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya | Project proposal |

- Reducing Human Elephant Conflict in Northern Kenya | Project proposal |

- Securing the elephant population within the Greater Amboseli Ecosystem from escalating human-elephant conflict and poaching risk due to COVID-19 | Project proposal |

- Management interventions to alleviate human elephant conflicts around Imenti Forest, Mt. Kenya Forest Reserve, amidst heightened insecurity caused by COVID-19 | Project proposal |



- Human-Elephant Conflicts Mitigation around Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania.

- Reinforcement of Anti-poaching Patrols to Reduce Illegal Trafficking of Ivory and Other Wildlife Products at Entry and Exit Points.


- Strengthening Law Enforcement against Elephant Poaching and Illegal Ivory Trade in Uganda.

- Establishment of an Efficient, Effective and Reliable Communications Network to Support Wildlife Law Enforcement Operations throughout Queen Elizabeth Protected Area, Uganda
| Project proposal |

- Human-Elephant Conflict Reduction in Murchison Falls | Project proposal |

- Strengthening Elephant Conservation through Law enforcement and Stakeholder engagement in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

- Strengthened law enforcement capacity to save the elephant population in Murchison Falls Conservation Area amidst Covid -19 pandemic | Project Proposal |

South Sudan

- Reducing Covid-19 Related African Elephant Conservation Challenges in and Around Nimule National Park (NNP) | Project proposal |


Kenya, Rwanda, South-Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda

-Enhancing Cooperation in Combating Elephant Poaching and Illegal Ivory Trade In East Africa.
| Project proposal |



Central Africa


Congo, Cameroon and Central African Republic

- Strengthening Law Enforcement Capacity to Combat Elephant Poaching and Ivory Trafficking in Central Africa.(Lusaka Agreement Task Force- LATF) | Project proposal |



- Projet de sauvegarde de l’éléphant dans le Parc National de Kalamaloué (Extrême-Nord Cameroun / département du Logone et Chari) / Elephant Conservation Project in Kalamaloué National Park (Logone and Chari Division, Far North Region, Cameroon) | Project Proposal |


- Elephant Collaring Operation, Zakouma National Park | Project proposal |

- Réduction des Impacts du Covid19 sur les Principales Activités de Protection des Éléphants au Tchad (RICAPPE) | Project proposal |





- Renforcement Des Capacités Opérationnelles Dans La Lutte Contre Le Trafic Illégal Des Produits Et Sous Produits De L’éléphant./Reinforcement of Operational Capacities in the Fight Against the Illegal Trafficking of Elephant Products and Sub-Products | Project proposal in French |

- Conservation of forest elephant in the forest area of Bateke-Plateau Congo- Gabon Conservation de l’elephant de forets dans la zone forestiere des Plateaux Batekes Congo-Gabon


-Developing a Quadcopter and Infrared Camera System to Monitor and Track the African Forest Elephant. | Project proposal |

-Genetic Traceability of Ivory for Law Enforcement in Gabon.  
| Project proposal in French |

-Military Training for Gabon’s Park Rangers

- Elephant Inventory in Gamba protected area Complex (CAPG) Inventaire des elephant dans le Complexe d’Aires Protegees de Gamba (CAPG) 


Southern Africa


- Resolution of the Human-Elephant Conflict | Project proposal |


- Spatial and behavioral analyses of Elephants roaming outside expected range using modern monitoring tool | Project proposal |


- Extension of an electric fence to reduce Human Elephant Conflict

- Improving Protection of Elephants & Enforcement of Wildlife Laws in Kasungu National Park
| Project proposal |

- Mitigation of Human Elephant Conflict and Addressing Deforestation and Forest Degradation Through Income Generating Activities with Communities
| Project proposal |

- Combating Illegal Killing of Elephants and Trafficking of Ivory | Project proposal |

- Strengthen Law Enforcement and Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflict in and around Kasungu National Park | Project proposal |


-Elephant Ivory Stockpile Management and Conservation in Mozambique. (In collaboration with Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Affairs, National Directorate of Environment Management, Department for Conservation of Natural Resources, and CITES Management Authority.) | Project proposal |

South Africa

- Reducing Covid-19 Related Threats to Elephant Populations in South Africa | Project proposal |



- Aerial Survey of Elephants in the Northwest of Namibia | Project proposal |


- Human-Elephant Conflicts Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Tools in Zambia.(In collaboration with Zambia Wildlife Authority.) | Project proposal |

- Enhancing Effectiveness of Law Enforcement Monitoring and Analysis systems in Zambia’s Elephant Range Areas.

- Strengthening Law Enforcement Capacity to Combat Illegal Killing of Elephants in Zambia.
| Project proposal |


-Habitat use by African Elephants in the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe: An Inquiry into the Effectiveness of Corridors and the Suitability of the Environment to Sustain the Species
| Project proposal |

- Enhancing the capacity of Sengwa Wildlife Research Institute to deliver training in SMART Ranger Based Monitoring (RBM) System in the Sebungwe and other elephant Range areas in Zimbabwe

- An integrated conservation and management approach to African elephants during a period of social and economic crisis in Hwange, Northwest Matabeleland Elephant Region, Zimbabwe | Project proposal |


West Africa


-Understanding of Commercialization Channels of Ivory and Ivory Based Products Between Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Togo.

Burkina Faso

-Reinforcement of the Human- Elephant Conflict Management Capabilities in Burkina Faso.
| Project proposal |

Burkina Faso/Benin/Niger

- Awareness Project for the Fight Against Elephants’ Poaching in the Cross-Border Biosphere of the W Reserve (PSLAB/RBTW).


Burkina Faso/Benin/Niger/Togo

-Sensibilisation et Renforcement des Capacités des Corps de Contrôle Pour la Lutte Contre le Trafic Illicite de l’ivoire au Bénin, Burkina Faso, Niger et au Togo/ Raising Awareness and Capacity Building of the Control Corps for the Fight Against Illegal Trafficking of Ivory in Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Togo. | Project proposal |


Côte d’Ivoire

-Improvement of Knowledge of the Elephants Involved in Human-Elephant Conflict/Amelioration Des Connaissances Sur Les Elephants Impliques Dans Les Conflits Avec Les Hommes | Project proposal |


- Elephant Conservation through law enforcement and stakeholder engagement in Mole National Park and its corridor.
| Project proposal |

- Reducing HEC Through Improved Monitoring, Stakeholder Engagement and Law Enforcement.
| Project proposal |

- Elephant Culture:  Melding Science and Traditional Knowledge about Elephant Culture and Social Complexity to Increase Positive Conservation Outcomes for Elephants in West Africa.
| Project proposal |

- Enhancing community collaboration and law enforcement capacity for effective management of human elephant conflict (HEC) and protection of Digya elephants.     | Project proposal |

- Conservation of African Elephants in Mole and its Corridors | Project proposal |


- Strengthening capacity of law enforcement agencies to combat the killing of elephants in key conservation landscapes in Liberia in the face of COVID19
| Project proposal |




- Contribution to Human-Elephant Conflicts Management in the Surrounding Ecosystem of the Gourma Elephants.
| Project proposal in English | Project proposal in French |

-Strengthening Law Enforcement Capacity in Close Collaboration with Local Communities to Protect the Gourma Elephants.
| Project proposal |


- Eco ethology of Savannah elephant (loxodanta africana Blumenbach 1797) Facing climate change in W National park of Niger

-Projet de conservation des éléphants au parc du W Niger | Project proposal |




- Supporting SMART Ranger Patrols at Yankari Game Reserve to Strengthen Law Enforcement and Reducing Elephant Poaching.
| Project proposal |

- Using Satellite Collars to Provide More Effective Elephant Protection and Reduce Human-Elephant Conflict at Yankari Game Reserve.
| Project proposal |

- Strengthening Law Enforcement and Reducing Elephant Poaching at Yankari Game Reserve by Providing Rangers with Basic Field Equipment.

-To find out more visit Wildlife Conservancy Society (Nigeria)

- Supporting SMART-based Ranger Patrols at Yankari Game Reserve to Strengthen Law Enforcement and Reduce Elephant Poaching. | Project proposal |

- Improving Law Enforcement and Reducing Elephant Poaching in the Oban Division of Cross River National Park through SMART.
| Project proposal |

- Saving Nigeria’s Largest Elephant Population in the Midst of COVID-19 | Project proposal |



- Appui à l’intégration des Communautés Locales dans la Gestion des Eléphants du Parc National Fazao-Malfakassa/ Supporting the Integration of Local Communities into the Management of Elephants in Fazao-Malfakassa National Park.
| Project proposal |

- Reduction of COVID-19 pandemic impact on elephant’s conservation in Fazao-Malfakassa national park | Project proposal |